Wednesday Programme Listings

Brunchtime Breakfast (Steve Chambers)
Siesta Time (Jenny Shelford)
The Simon Boyle Show (Simon Boyle)
Classical Concert
Music Machine (Pete Bray)
In My Opinion (Robert Chantler)
Soul Shuffle (Paul Clinch)
A look at the national and local papers picking out the more absurd tales from around the world. Not forgetting, as well, the World’s Worst Record and great music too.
Jenny will play a great selection of music including the old crooners. She also will keep you updated with all the news from the soaps
Easing you through the afternoon with a great selection of music, news and views.
An hour where we present the very best in classical music plus news of local groups who are putting on programmes in the near future. [This is a repeat of last Friday's programme]
A selection of big hit records.
Radio Wey's own discussion programme chaired by Robert Chantler with studio guests discussing the topics of the week.
New presenter Paul bring us 2 hours of great soul music.