Thursday Programme Listings

Brunchtime Breakfast
Afternoon Delight (Jim Coombe)
Radio Wey Music Box
Health Today
MiTunes (Steve Chambers)
Country Tracks
Inspire (Carla Brink)
Big Band Show (Robin Whitbread)
Radio Wey Music Box
One of the original Brunch Bunch is back for Thursday mornings with light hearted topical stories. Plus all your requests from the Swift & Heron Wards at St Peters Hospital, it all adds up to an interesting morning’s entertainment.
Features the local news, views and interviews on the theme of health and social care.
An hour of music from the vast selection on offer at Radio Wey
Welcome to Health Today Radio. Each week, Dominic Arkwright will talk to experts, celebrities and guests about health, lifestyle and personal experiences with the NHS. [This is a prerecorded programme provided by NHS Choices and produced by The Sound Doctor]
Occasionally life gets stressful, the music too loud. So join Steve Chambers, for an hour of chilled out, laid back music.There'll be a little jazz, New Age, a bit of World Music, some Chill-Out and every now and then something a little different. Importantly though, it's music to relax with.
If Country music’s your thing, our Country Music Box has a selection. An hour of the very best in Country music.
Our first Gospel Music show on Radio Wey - sixty minutes of inspiring music
One of the longest running programmes on Radio Wey brings you the music of the Big Bands from the past.
Two hours of music from the vast selection on offer at Radio Wey