TESTIMONIALS Received . . . Thank You!

Thankyou to Radio Wey and David Humber for the Classical Concert which I enjoy listening to on Fridays at 5-6p.m. The programme is a great selection of wonderful music and singers. David gives a background which is interesting information about the composers, artistes and their work. Also, gives details of local shows about to be take place. Great stuff!
Marian Heawood, 21 March 2014

I'm an Eastleigh fan who couldn't make the trip up to Staines today. Just to say thank you for the commentary. Well reported with the scores from your other matches and your commentators were completely unbiased. What a good service you provide for your listeners.
Martin Jeffery, 9 February 2013

I listen to Roger Manley's programme on Sunday morning when I can even if it is only for half an hour or so. He puts over a good selection of music especially the German concert at the end. I must make a donation in the near future.
Bob Hipgrave, February 2013

A sincere thank you to the two gentlemen who provided commentary on this afternoon’s game.
A service like this is priceless in non-league football, particularly to away fans who can’t travel.
Nick (a happy ‘Sports’ supporter) , Staines v Eastbourne Boro - 26 Januay 2013

Amazing coverage - only caught the finale - but what a credit those commentators are.
Superb station no doubt helping the morale of many patients on the wards.
"Cheshire Set" following Northwich Victoria vs Staines Town, January 2012

Listen to the commentary on Radio Wey. Clive and Co were excellent. Don't know what the game was like to watch, but chewed my fingernails to the quick listening to it.
"peregrine" following Northwich Victoria vs Staines Town, January 2012

Wow what a long interview with Nigel…. I thought the interview came across as very relaxed and informative. Thanks for the support and look forward to seeing you at the Santa Fun Run!
Lorraine Weedon, Marketing & Communication Manager, Woking & Sam Beare Hospice - November 2011

Just finished listening to your show. It was really good and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.
A big cheer went up in the lounge when you first mentioned Moor House and there were big smiles on the residents’ faces when their names were mentioned. Also a couple of residents had a tear in their eyes when certain songs were played and several of them were singing along and tapping their feet. Thanks again Clive.
Julie, Administrator, Moor House Care Home - July 2011

Just a quick thank you for the show today, it was fab! We all had a great time listening in the lounge, we were bopping away! Cany wait for the next show! Thanx again
Vikki , Administrator, Kings Lodge Care Centre - July 2011

Radio Wey were fantastic and made our May Fair for the Scouts and Guides a great day!
Lissa Gallimore - Ottershaw Fair - May 2011

Many carers live very isolated lives, for a variety of reasons, lack of services, lack of funds and often ill health on their own part.
Radio stations such as Radio Wey and Carers World Radio not only provide entertainment and music for carers and their cared for, but give information and support that no other types of media do as well as the opportunity to be part of the community.
Jean Milne - Carers Poverty Alliance - February 2011

Radio Wey and Carers World Radio has been and I hope will continue to be of great benefit to carers and carees. It's a chance for carers who are often isolated by their caring role to listen to great shows and talk to each other in the chatroom, the chance to interact with the outside world.
Karen Young – Carer – February 2011

Listening to your program and being in the chat room go together. It's nice to have something that is for carers like me. We can't often get out and talking to others who don't know about caring can be awkward, so when we get together on our 'Saturday Night Out' we can talk about anything so long as it's not about caring. It's our office party!
Paul Irwin – Carer – February 2011

We're looking forward to tonight's 3 hour special New Years Blues Session. Finding out about Radio Wey has been one of our musical highlights of 2010, special thanks to Fran Leslie (Editor of Blues in Britain)for that and of course Martin and Heather for producing such excellent shows and all the musicians for the superb live sessions, keep up the great work in 2011 and we wish you a very Happy New Year,
Tom and Ali -fans of THE BLUES SESSION -Dec 2010

Lovely to meet you and the team on Saturday. We all thought the live Radio coverage at the Goose Fair was great and really helped the atmosphere. On our stall we gave away over 100 helium balloons and were really pleased it was a good turn out for those collecting for charities and good causes. Next year we'll be sure to bring some of our students along to perform Christmas songs or scenes.
Caroline McCrink - Principal STAGECOACH CHERTSEY - Dec 2010

Thank you very much for attending our Goose Fair yesterday. You were brilliant and really helped with the festive atmosphere on the day. We cannot thank you enough for all of your help and support.
Anna Barry - Vice Chairman & Hon. Sec., Chertsey Chamber of Commerce - Dec 2010

I was invited into the studio by presenter Jenny Shelford to talk about the work of the Surrey Air Ambulance to help raise awareness and much-needed funds for the charity. I found it to be an extremely enjoyable experience and would love to do it again. I’m quite new to this role so doing hospital radio interviews is a good platform for me to build my confidence so that I’m ready to speak to do other radio and TV interviews. Thanks once again for having me in.
Jamie Cheshire - Kent Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance - Nov 2010

Love the station even though I am not in the area. Listen whenever I can, and often dedicate a request, like what is on now, the nostalgia spot, and Jenny Shelford is always very entertaining. Will be listening more now.
Sue Glassborow - May 2010

RADIO WEY AND LINDSAY JOBLING, what can I say but thank you for everything and supplying such a grand Tea Tent, I hope you enjoyed the day. I will always appreciate the fact that Lindsay slept on site the night before to be sure everything that was set up on the Friday was secure. Radio Wey also gave us a spot on their Thursday night show and constantly helped us by advertising the event on their radio station. I hope we can work together again in the future.
Sam Thompson - Elmbridge Festival

Thank you for the cheque for £225, which I have put into our Emergency Appeal this morning. Thank you for looking after me on Friday night and it was very interesting to see your studio and meet Bob! We are very grateful for all the help that local companies and local people give us.
Fabian Hine - Woking & Sam Beare Hospices

I had the opportunity to talk about Outline, Surrey's Lesbian and Gay support linehelpline on RadioWey with Mandy this morning. I was little nervous. She couldn't have made it easier. She was so delighful, helpful and friendly. The subject was approached sympathetically and I think the listeners would have found the content interesting and informative. Mandy's questions were exactly right and appropriate.
Philip Johnson

As someone whose work revolves around spreading messages and raising awareness it's really helpful to have pro-active, community-focused media outlets like Radio Wey on my side. I really appreciated you getting in touch with me about my Running The Tube Challenge and enjoyed chatting to Jon on the show.
Tim Moss

I really enjoyed my time visiting Radio Wey to talk about Fairtrade Fortnight activities in Woking and Guildford. Jon was well prepared and all the team seemed genuinely interested and positive about what we are doing and helping us communicate with the local community. A great community resource.
Becca Rowland

I really enjoyed talking to both Jon and Clive about the essential work we do for disabled children and adults at White Lodge Centre. They were both very well informed about White Lodge Centre which as I was new to being on the radio made the interviews relaxing and really good fun! Support within the local community is very important for us and Radio Wey are very active in helping us achieve this. Thank you!
Catherine Thurston

Great I get to listen to it "sometimes during the day; This way [FM] I can tune in to local news 24hrs
John Crawford

I listen occasionally, not as much as I would like, to the great sports coverage on Saturday afternoons. I am into local sport in a big way and its very pleasing that a local radio station supports local sport. I dont care what the prem results are. Give me local sport any day and if they can get this licence hopefully it will sucure local sport and programmes for the future.

We were the lucky winners of tickets to a jazz evening at Jagz Club in Ascot.. we had a great time, and will be visiting again for dinner! Thanks to Radio Wey for organising the competition, and to Jagz for a great night out. If jazz and blues are your thing, go there for an evening, you won't be disappointed.
John Nelson

As chairman of Woking Writers Circle I would just like to say that we have enjoyed working with Jon A for a couple of years now,making various programmes including our own original work and well-known and not so well-known pieces of literature in English.It is wonderful to think that our words are being heard by a wider though unknown audience through the radio than we could otherwise reach. The experience has increased our confidence and we appreciate Jon taking the time to attend many of our meetings and welcoming us to the studio.He deserves his forthcoming award and the station, in my opinion, deserves the FM license. Do not hesitate to ask me if ther is any other way we can assist in the latter.
Liz Lennie

I had a great time talking with Jon about the new vegetable developed at Tozer Seeds - the FLOWER SPROUT! He had obviously done his research and asked loads of good questions. I was impressed with the excellent service that Radio wey provides to the local community.
Jamie Claxton

I'd like to say thankyou to Radio Wey and David Humber for his Classical Hour programme on Friday afternoons. What a wealth of information David is regarding classical music and composers, singers, orchestras etc. The programme is enjoyable and covers well-known and not so well-known music and songs. Also, David gives information about local musical concerts and when they are to be held. Thankyou, Davd, for sometimes including some of my own music and recordings. I am proud that it should have been included in such a well-presented, enjoyable programme.
Marian Heawood

More real local radio is required around the UK. The national stations are fine, but too impersonal. Good luck with the licence!
Iain McKinlay

Just want to say a big thank u to Jon and the guys (Simon and Alex) for having me on the show. I had a good time and was impressed with the research Jon had done. Thanks also to Marcus for taking the time to have me on his backstage show at short notice, it was a pleasure talking to him. I would defrinitely love to come back at some point in the future! Keep up the good work chaps!
Martin Cuthew

Thanks so much to Andy G for taking the time to have me on the show. Such nice warm people their which made my first experience as an interviewee very comfortable, relaxed and eased my nerves. They definitely deserve to be on fm. Thanks again and all the best
Amy Stott

Best Jazz Radio ,Best DJ,s ! Many Thanks To Mandy Morrow for playing my music and discovering me In The US. I have also discovered some US and English artists listening to her show.Very cool playlist !and selections ! I Always tune In to Radio Wey from New York City! Thanks for the great Jazz!
Brigittte Zarie

Many thanks to Radio Wey for taking the time to talk to me about Woolworths.co.uk and how we have brought it back as an online retailer. Thanks also to the listeners for mailing in their questions. I wish you every success for the future.
Matthew Jacques

I am a huge fan of Jon Andrews and Andy G. These boys really know how to put on a show! They're choice of music abd style is amazing. Please, please, please lets have Radio Wey on FM!! Itwould be the best thing for the community and i can't think of anything else i'd rather listen to in my car! xxxxxxx Jodi Haring, Ewell

I was listening to Andy G's 3 o clock show while I was in St Peters, and it made my day a lot better. He had a musical guest in and she was fantastic, and he makes me laugh. You now have a listener for life, when i discovered you online. You really deserve to be on FM! good luck, Karen - Chertsey

I work for Scope, the disability charity and was interviewed by John yesterday about a campaign that we are running to break the world record for the collection of old mobile phones to raise money for the people we support. I found him to be warm and easy to talk to. The questions he asked demonstrated that he had a knowledge of the subject we were discussing and he seemed genuinely interested in what we are trying to achieve.
Thanks for the opportunity.
Jason Suckley.

Many thanks to Jon at Radio Wey for featuring the British Heart Foundation's Catwalk show at the Myers Hall, Epsom Playhouse. The BHF is always pleased to share our news with the people of Surrey. As someone who recruits and trains volunteers for the BHF, I think it's very important to emphasise the professionalism of your presenters and the fact that they give their time freely to provide this great serv ice to local communities.
Heather Hunt - BHF

Martin Clarke’s Blues session - I first started listening to Martin’s show 9 months ago and during that time it has quickly become an essential part of my weekend. I didn’t know much about blues music at the beginning but I feel as though I’m on a weekly learning journey with Martin. I love the way he gives an insight into the lives of featured artists and background information on every track he plays. He knows when to slow the pace down to help his listeners chill out in the second hour of the show and the tone of his voice reflects this too. Martin really manages to share his passion of blues with his audience and encourages his listeners to go out and experience it first hand by giving details of local gigs. When Martin has guest musicians playing live in the studio, you get swept along with the energy and excitement of it all. His easy manner and natural humour makes you wonder if they are lifelong friends of his. This week he even sang a song and played a bit of blues harp...and it was brilliant!
Heather Harrison

I just wanted to say that I listened to the interview with Tony Kinsey on Rob's Jazz Club and thought it was fantastic. I play drums myself. What a man that Tony Kinsey is -- such a good speaker and given lots of chance to talk by a good interviewer. The jazz and big band music afterwards for very good too. Well done and good luck for the FM licence.
Daniel Fleming


I fully support RadioWey’s application to broadcast on Fm waveband. They do their utmost provide encouragement to a wide range of voluntary, entertainment and sporting activities giving locals a voice and a chance to shine. They have become a highly professional broadcasting organisation and deserve to reach a wider audience.
Keith Jahans

Just to say a big “Thank You” to Radio Wey for making it possible for me to hear the St. Peter’s Carol Service via my PC at home! It’s the first time I’ve missed the Service and I was very miffed as I love to hear the choir, who are always a joy to hear. However, it all came over loud and clear! And, holding the sound on while the organ played as everyone chatted and exited was brilliant – it gave a real flavour of the atmosphere and the sound was so very good it was just like being in the Chapel. Very many thanks to all concerned and a Peaceful Christmas, if possible!
Jane O'Kill, Press Officer

I've been listening to Martin Clarke for over a year on Radio Wey. I find his style and professionalism very refreshing. His blues show is a perfect show to wrap up Friday night. I'm listening in the U.S. and there a few blues shows over here that I listen to on a regular basis. I have enjoyed these shows for many years and Martin's show is a welcome addition to the shows I listen to. Martin knows his music, has wonderful in-person guests in the studio and has a very appealing upbeat style. Give him a listen - you'll really enjoy it.
Jerry Bond

Thank you for making my first ever radio interview such a professional and pleasant experience. It was great to meet you and your team and I wholeheartedly support your application for an FM licence. The support you have shown to a fledgling local business is much appreciated and if there’s anything else I can do to help this great community service please let me know.
Cara Sayer, SnoozeShade www.snoozeshade.com

Dear everyone at Radio Wey. We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the support you have given us in helping to raise awareness of THE VISION, Woking’s very own community Play. Although the play is not being performed till next April, Jon has really taken time to find out about what is going on with the Vision and to promote it on his show. We really enjoyed our visit to the station a few weeks ago and look forward to a long and happy association with this fab radio station. As Woking has no local newspaper office in the town anymore, it’s even more important to support Radio Wey and tell everybody to listen as they really have the community at heart.
Suzie - Project Manager – The Vision – tales from Ockenden

Blame It On Johnny enjoyed playing live at Radio Wey on Sunday the 20th September. Thanks to Jon Andrews and Wendy for inviting us to play we really appreciate it. It was interesting stripping the band down to a small acoustic set with the help of an old friend Steve Noyce. We didn’t have room for a full drum kit or our saxophones players so it was an interesting challenge for us. It’s amazing how much harder it is to play acoustically and it’s good to be reminded by doing it now and again.
Blame it on Johnny

Stuart, I would like to thank you for a really great interview, for the time, the music and the craic! Dirty Dublin my first published novel has undoubtedly benefited from Radio Wey's interest and more importantly Dogs for the Disabled. Half the profits from Dirty Dublin[available on Amazon and at Weybridge Books] are donated to www.dogsforthedisabled.org ... I can confidently say thank you from them too. My sincere thanks,
Nar lagadh Dia do lamh!
Yvonne Fitzpatrick Grimes

It's 8:45am here on the north side of the beautiful Blue Mountain in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania in the U S of A. I'm Bruce Moyer and my wife Alverda and I love to listen in to Radio Way. I've become good chat friends with Stu Jones and Noel Antliff and when we want good radio entertainment we tune in via internet. Yesterday, we enjoyed a classical
concert. It was like being at the concert for 3 hours. We're enjoying the jazz and it sure has a way up rejuvinating you after a Saturday night of fun and frolic. We will have you tuned in for the day because TV stinks over here and we can here you throughout the house. What you chaps do is most wonderful and, being an old (61) retired radio guy, I can sure appreciate it. Bless all of you.
Bruce Moyer Pennsylvania

I like the new format of Martin's show. The mix of Rock in the first hour and Blues in the second hour is a great way to end the week. I have only recently become aware of your Radio Station, but think it provides an excellent service to the local community and I am recommending it to all my friends and colleagues.
Keep up the good work.
Shân Hughes

Radio Wey is a great local station – a really useful informative service for people living in the area. Radio Wey has been very supportive of CHASE hospice care for children – our children’s hospice service which supports families with life-limited children throughout SW London, Surrey and Sussex including the Radio Wey broadcast area. We were invited to go along and chat about our work on the Clive Stevens show – which was hugely valuable to us in helping to raise our profile in the area and letting people know about some of our fundraising events. It was also good fun to be part of Clive’s show! CHASE has to raise £4 million a year to continue supporting these families and Radio Wey provides us with a great avenue for getting the message out there! Thank you for your help and support – and long may our working relationship continue!
Christine Napthine – CHASE PR Manager

I did not hear the Remembrance show myself but the residents did and enjoyed it very much -Thank you for telling me about it.
Jean Saunders

Found your station just by chance yesterday. Ever since Parkinson retired we are at a loss on Sunday mornings looking for decent jazz and similar music on FM. The radio 2 shows we liked have gradually all disappeared. Radio 3 jazz is very limited and often goes way out… too funky for us. We liked what we heard yesterday. We look forward to listening to the big band show next week.
Peter Walter

Hi Martin, Just a quick email to say thank you for sending on the CD’s of the radio interview. I am currently having a listen, it was a very enjoyable/relaxing interview and thank you for inviting me back. I have put up the posters you gave me at our Old Windsor site in the public area. Hope the rest of the FM shows go well.
Marion Jones - Information Officer
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Thanks so very much for the interview. I really enjoyed the conversation.
Good luck and may God bless you and your listeners.
Carl Dobkins Jr.

Radio London - Summer of Love 1967 - What a superb show! Excellent format and wonderful memories! And the style was so reminiscent of the good old days. My dream was also fulfilled – being able to do (virtual) Frinton flashing! Forty one years ago, on the morning of the dreadful day, it came to me what would be a most appropriate track to be the last ever on Big L. I guess they too thought there could only be one answer. Listening to the show on Friday I thought of mailing you but decided that everything was being recreated so authentically and there was no need – I could rely on you! And when “A Day in the Life” began, the goose bumps rose again – just as they had done all those years ago. That final chord…………!
Regards - Alan

Radio Wey provides an excellent and informative service for the area. The British Heart Foundation are extremely happy to be working with the station and appreciate the communication tool they are providing for us. We value their support in helping us promote our life saving work. In our first interview they gave us plenty of air time to discuss our two minute advert, which showed viewers just what it’s like to have a heart attack. We were also able to talk about heart health and our events. We hope this is the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.
Natalie Ivemy

I'm very pleased indeed to be working with Radio Wey. Your interest in
our work at Surrey History Centre, testified by your eagerness to turn up
and cover our many events and your setting up a monthly appointment for us to come on the show and discuss our latest work is greatly valued by us and I'm sure that it is of great interest to many of your listeners. We will shortly be introducing evaluation forms for many of our events, asking
customers whether they consider the event to have been a success and how they heard of it in the first place. I'm sure that many of them will have first heard about what we do on your excellent station.
Julian Pooley from Surrey History Centre

I am a local author and had the delightful experience of guesting on WEBSTER'S WEEK on the 1st of August to talk about my book A girls' guide to India, a survivor's handbook. After the show I had emails from local friends but also from friends in Los Angeles and Mexico expressing their enjoyment of the show. It was especially commented on how well Jonathan Webster came across, and how smoothly the show went under him. However, it was a pity that it was only those who had internet access who could listen. I know several people within the local area who wanted to listen but who do not have internet access. I also feel that many of those would enjoy Radio Wey, because it is so beautifully local. So I am writing to you to express my support for the station's licence application. May I wish you the best of luck in your application. I look forward to hearing a positive result.
Louise Wates

Radio Wey have provided us with an extra communications tool for some of the campaigns we need to highlight to residents of Surrey. They have an extremely professional attitude towards campaigns I talk to them about and I have been pleasantly surprised by the level of importance to community issues reflected both on the shows and the website. I would whole heartedly support their licence application.
Joanna Simpson - Publicity Officer
Surrey County Council

I write in support of Radio Wey’s application for a Community Broadcasting Licence, allowing them to extend their coverage onto the FM wave band, and thus be even more effective in reaching the local community. I am Musical Director of the Hythe Singers, located within Radio Wey’s catchment at Egham Hythe and regularly performing in the area. I was interviewed on Radio Wey by Stuart Jones on 26th March 2008 and more extensively by Jonathan Webster on Webster's Week on 11th July 2008, in advance of concerts given by the Hythe Singers. I am impressed by the variety offered by Radio Wey and by their commitment to the local community, and was delighted by the professionalism of the presenters which enabled an inexperienced broadcaster such as myself to feel relaxed whilst speaking live on air. I particularly enjoyed the longer interview with Jonathan Webster which, through Jonathan’s friendly but insightful approach enabled us to explore together topics ranging around the whole area of singing and composing for singers. The whole experience was a good one, and if the interviewee finds the experience enjoyable then there is a good chance that the listeners will too. I am delighted to support Radio Wey’s application and would be happy to be contacted directly if that would be helpful.
Robert Hanson, PhD, BA, ARCO, FRSA - Musical Director, The Hythe Singers - Former Director of Music, Morley College - Former Acting Head of Music, Dartington College of Arts

The team who attended were extremely helpful throughout the afternoon, with their enthusiasm ensuring that they overcame the odd problem that occurred as a result of it being a ‘last minute booking’
Paul Martin - Whiteley Village

Dear Jonathan
A belated thank you for the invitation to meet with you and take part in one of your weekly programmes the other day. The interview was conducted in a very professional manner and I hope your audience found as interesting to listen to, as I did to take part. I fully support community radio and hope that your application for a Community Broadcasting Licence to be made later this year is successful. I have no hesitation in supporting you.
With all good wishes,
David Wilshire MP
Conservative Member of Parliament for Spelthorne (Middlesex)

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Jon Andrews and crew at Radio Wey for their fantastic support at our Charity Funday on 29th June 2008 at Addlestone Leisure Centre in aid of CHASE Children's Hospice - Guildford. We had an absolutely fantastic day raising over £3000.00 for CHASE, the day was made so much better by having Radio Wey on site to support our day. Jon was excellent at promoting our funday prior to the day and on the day Jon turned up with Chris, Marc, and Rob, (and the Radio Wey car!), and set about entertaining our guests and footballers! They carried out interviews with a mixture of people from people running stalls to children playing in the kids tournament! everyone really enjoyed speaking to Jon and the guys - especially the kids! When Jon was not interviewing he was promoting our stalls and drumming up business for us. Radio Wey did all our P.A announcing whilst keeping everyone entertained with some fantastic music. Thanks Jon and Radio Wey, you really made our day a success and we really enjoyed sharing our day with you, everyone was kept entertained and thoroughly informed of all events all day long, we can't thank you enough and really appreciate your fantastic support all day long - Your great - Looking forward to next year already!!!
Katie and Paul Buttaci
Addlestone Friends of CHASE Children's Hospice

This is just to say thank you for making me feel so welcome when I visited Radio Wey recently. As you will probably realise I was a somewhat nervous 'first time broadcaster' but Stuart Jones did everything to make me feel completely at ease and the whole experience turned out to be most enjoyable. I would also like to thank your listeners for helping me raise sponsorship money for my charity parachute jump - the two hospices concerned were most appreciative and amazed that the total was in excess of £1500.00. I would also like to mention that my husband has been in St. Peters and Ashford Hospital on several occasions and has always tuned in to Radio Wey in preference to any other channel as the combination of local news and light music suited his taste and made the days pass much quicker until he was home again.
Best wishes for the future. Thelma

Spelthorne Gangshow want to thank Clive Stevens and the Hospital Radio Wey team for the tremendous support of their Gangshow, which was performed in April 2008. Clive kindly placed publicity on the radio website and interviewed one of the Leaders about the Show. We know the publicity was effective because people mentioned hearing about our show on the radio, when buying tickets. We closed the curtain on that Saturday night in April with a tinge of disappointment, realising the next Gangshow wasn't until 2010. That is until Clive invited the cast to sing on one of his Monday evening sessions. How could we fit all the cast into his shoe box-sized studio? (Un)fortunately, not all the cast could come but we still had 22 Guides, Scouts, Cubs and Brownies plus the musical director and his keyboard, whilst still leaving room for Clive to twiddle his dials and slide his sliders. So, last night, after a frantic dash through the local commuter traffic jams, we arrived at the studio. Clive and Pete were brilliant in squeezing everybody in and displaying an air of calm in front of the very excited cast. The red light went on and they sang a selection of songs from the Gangshow and helped with the chorus of several of the pop songs, Clive was playing. All the youngsters spoke on air, offering a prediction of who would win the European Championship - Spain was the favoured choice. It was a brilliant experience for all the young people and their leaders. I'm sure there are a lot of envious school colleagues this morning. Next time we all want a wider audience. Good luck to Hospital Radio Wey as they seek their fm licence
Rob & Chris Fairhurst

"We would love to thank Radio Wey for their help and support to bring some sunshine to a rather grey day for our fete! We hope you will be here next year! From all the pupils and families as the Holy Family School, Addlestone

Thanks Clive and Pete for letting us go on your radio show it was the best! I hope your radio goes bigger so everyone can hear it cause it is really good. Charlotte Hall-Smith (Spelthorne Gangshow)

I would like to thank you all for creating this wonderful community radio station and being so alive and direct! I had a most enjoyable time as a guest on Clive's Monday early evening show - talking about the importance and benefits of positive healthy environments for all - especially hospitalised folk.I found Clive to be professional, engaging and fun - allowing the conversation to explore many aspects of what makes our environments healing, happy and contributing to our feeling good and speedy recovery. I also appreciated being invited to choose a couple of tracks of music. I was made to feel very welcome. We even got onto talking about Bio-Energy Meditation and the wonderful medicine of pure and simple laughter. I certainly support Radio Wey becoming fully licensed - here is a fantastic resource for providing a much needed radio community for lots of people who may be feeling cut off and in need of company, warmth, interaction, entertainment and stimulation. In other words all that Radio Wey provides. Let's make the most of this dedicated team! I wish the station, presenters and supporters all the very best. And thank you Clive for having me on as a guest.
Belinda Ray - Radiant Space - Specialist in healing environments

Jonathan Webster very kindly invited me onto his show, Webster's Week, where we discussed the problems in the British Family Courts. As an interviewer, Jonathan made me feel completely at home and I will remember my interview with him with a great fondness as it was the first time that I had ever gone on the air and was extremely nervous! Jonathan not only gave me the opportunity to expose the difficulties families going through the courts face but his wonderful manner and relaxed style made me feel totally at ease. Hospital Radio Wey is a fantastic station and would be an enormous asset to the local community and beyond as a radio station on the FM Waveband. I support its application for such a license wholeheartedly and wish it every success in the future.
Natasha Phillips
Author, Divorce Manual

My name is John Hirsh and I am the Chairman of the Lower Sunbury Residents's Association, a Community organisation founded some 36 years ago. Jonathan Webster was kind enough to invite me as a guest on his show WEBSTER'S WEEK. The interview was relaxed and I was made to feel most welcome. The interview itself was wide-ranging and, because of the informal style, I hope made for easy listening. I understand that HRW intends to become a community radio station on the FM waveband and, given my experience of their operation, I would unreservedly support their application.
John Hirsh, Hon.Chairman, Lower Sunbury Residents' Association (LOSRA)

On Friday, 16th May, in the role as the Immediate Past Mayor of the Borough of Elmbridge, I had the pleasure of being Jonathan's guest on Webster's Week. I found this to be a thoroughly friendly and relaxing experience and I do hope that your listeners found my time on air to be of interest. I certainly support the campaign for Radio Wey to become a Community Radio Station. This would give it the opportunity to reach out to a far wider audience which must be for the good of all.
With best wishes,
Immediate Past Mayor of Elmbridge

I am the lead vocalist with Red-Eyed Suburbanites and a music journalist of some 25 years. I was Jonathan's guest on WEBSTER'S WEEK on 2nd May, and I must say that I enjoyed the interview immensely. I've done several radio interviews but, without a doubt, I have never felt as comfortable as I did on Jonathan's show. He was professional, amiable and made me feel very much at ease. I would like to say that I whole-heartedly support HRW's application to become a Community Radio Station.
Kind regards.
Pippa Lang

As an AFC WImbledon fan who was fortunate enough to be at the game I
missed out on being ablee to listen to the commentary, I wondered if
you archieve you commentary's in any way as I would like to listen to
it again especially the last 10 minutes. If it is avaliable in any way, I would be happy to make a donation to the service to here it if not never mind and thanks for the service you provided.
Regards Paul R

Thank you for an excellent match commentary, from really good guys. Im an AFC Wimbledon supporter, and couldnt get a ticket, so listened on-line, and really appreciated it. Heard good comments about the commentary and the Staines supporters on the websites etc so thanks again. Good luck to Staines next season!!

Thank you so much for covering the game this afternoon, the commentary was superb and your team deserve every credit in producing a fantastic programme. Once again Thank You.
A delighted Wimbledon fan from Mid-Wales.

Thanks for a great broadcast of the Stains vs AFC Wimbledon playoff game, being a AFC Wimbledon fan working abroad in Australia I was thinking I was never going to read the game let alone hear it. But after a google search found your website and stayed up to listen to a fantastic commentary to a great match. So once again thank you again. :)
Barry Hitchings

Can I just say as a Ramsgate FC fan who has listened to commentary on the Staines v Ramsgate match this Tuesday evening how impressed I was with the two commentators. How refreshing to hear two people just tell listeners about what was happening in the game. Nowadays when you listen to TV or radio commentators on the BBC or the commercial channels they seem to think you want to listen to them and their opinions, not the match. So, despite the disappointing result for me and my team, can you pass on thanks to the two guys who did such a good job and good luck to the Swans for the final on Saturday.
Clive Fane - Leeds

Last week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jonathan Webster on "Webster's Week". I play Lynda Snell in "The Archers", so you could say that radio plays a very important part in my life and career and discussing it live, on air, with Jonathan was more like chatting with an old friend in a very relaxed atmosphere. This is not an easy thing to achieve, especially with limited facilities, but not only was the technical side handled with professional smoothness, but I was made to feel utterly welcome and completely at ease. It was obvious that Jonathan had put a lot of preparation into his questions and I especially enjoyed my 2 record choices - everyone's a Desert Island Wannabe! We also chatted a bit about the hospital and my interest in it and the hour flew by, until yet another dedicated and talented volunteer moved in to set up the next programme - very impressive indeed. Hospital Radio Wey certainly deserves every possible support available - and I'd like to add my own voice to wish it every success for the future.
Carole Boyd

Clive, I would like to thank you for your support of the Spelthorne Gangshow. It was a great success with over 700 in the audience over the four performances. The cast of youngsters and adult leaders had a great time, culminating a pizza party with a magician and ice cram van.
People mentioned hearing your broadcast when calling for tickets; so it clearly had an impact. Next time, we will ask on the ticket order form where they heard about the show.
Rob Fairhurst
Gangshow Producer and Spelthorne District Scouts Chairman

Hi everybody, it was a real pleasure to have been interviewed on Mandy's Breakfast show yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed and looking forward already to my next visit to the studio! I had such a fab time and what a great Presenter Mandy is!! Good Luck with your FM Licence!

Thank you personally for making me feel at ease for the interview and
hearing it back afterwards I was delighted with the recording. I sounded
very relaxed and quite human for a change! We seemed to cover a lot in a short space of time and I hope it was as enjoyable for you and the listeners as it was for me personally.
That's the way to do it! - Ken. [Punch & Judy]

I enjoyed the interview and I am grateful to you and Radio Wey for giving me the opportunity of being your guest on Webster’s Week. It is great to hear that Radio Wey will soon be applying for a community Broadcasting Licence; I believe that if successful it would be very beneficial for the local community. During my Mayoral year I have come into contact with many Organisations and local Charities that would benefit enormously by having a locally based community radio station, it could be a lifeline to many people. I am certainly happy to support the Station in any way I can to help with your application. Once again thank you for inviting me on Webster’s Week and I would be happy to do it again sometime. - Cllr Andrew Hirst. Mayor of Spelthorne

I was delighted and surprise to be invited to come and talk on Radio Wey. A little nerve-racking, but I was soon put at my ease. It was nice to be able to explain the work of our department. Sitting in the studio, you realise how skillful radio presenters are, to talk with such confidence, warmth and humour, with no pauses or hesitation! Radio Wey provides a vital community service, as well as being fun and friendly. Congratulations and thank you! Best wishes for the future - Martha J Wrigley. Cardiac Research Co-ordinator. Ashford & St Peter's NHS Hospital Trust

When Clive interviewed me about the work of the White Lodge Centre he made me feel welcome and indeed comfortable in the studio. He had clearly done his homework on our charity, and the interview sped by very quickly indeed. He is a charming presenter, backed by an equally charming and hardworking team. Keep it up HRW! - Doreen Pipe Fundraiser - The White Lodge Centre

I surely was in the ‘hot seat’, although Clive is very warm, he was easy to talk to and I enjoyed the experience. Clive approached me at a ladies dinner at Staines Health Club, and I agreed to go along for the interview. I am a hypnotherapist and we talked about what I can do and Clive asked me pertinent questions - a thoroughly enjoyable experience. - Best Regards. Kay Durrant

After a hesitant start, Sue and I really enjoyed our first live interview and the chance to raise the awareness of Age Concern Spelthorne; the schemes we run and the help we offer to all older people living in Spelthorne. Not to have an "aside" conversation live on air was a lesson quickly learnt! The hour whizzed by and it ended all too soon, just as we were getting the hang of it all! Thank you Radio Wey for this opportunity ....can we come back again?? Carol Sheppardson - Age Concern Spelthorne

It was a great experience coming in to to Radio Wey to talk to Clive about the The Triathlon Cycling and Running Exhibition. You get a real sense that this is a station by the community for the community and deserves as wide an audience as possible. Keep up the good work! Best regards - David Townsend. Director. M2 Events Ltd

Nerves to begin with but Clive put me at ease immediately and I really enjoyed the experience of being interviewed live on the radio plus choosing two of my favourite tracks. The broadcast was obviously heard as we had a couple at one of our performances (February 2007) of "It Runs In The Family" by Ray Cooney who mentioned it. Hope your broadcasts keep providing a very useful service and continue to entertain us all. Graham Brierley - Christ Church Dramatic Society, Staines.

To echo Clive Walker - really enjoyed coming to talk to you. You made us very welcome, the jingle you had done was very unnexpected - and absolutely perfect - and we'd enjoy the opportunity to come and update you with our activiites. It is great that you take such an interest in what is happening locally. Fiona Millard Hatton Operatic

Fiona and I were pleased to contribute to a broadcast last year which aimed to raise awareness about local performing groups, The Magna Carta Arts Centre and Hatton Operatic in particular. We were made very welcome and the session passed without hitch. We would both be glad to offer our services again. Keep up the good work - Clive Walker The Magna Carta Arts Centre and Hatton Operatic

It was an interesting experience talking with Clive on Radio Wey. I think I would find it very stressful that side of the desk. But Clive put me at ease and I enjoyed the experience. It was especially appropriate that we were talking just after we had heard that Ellie Foster, one of your listeners, had won our “habitats for wildlife” competition. Good luck in your further endeavours - Mike Rennie. Director - Thomson Habitats Ltd

Radio Wey provides an important and valuable service for all our patients (around 300,000 pass through the hospitals each year), our community and beyond. A big thank you to everyone involved in this excellent service - Andy Hollebon - Head of Communications - Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust

Hello, this is Russell Grant here wishing all the volunteers and listeners at Radio Wey all the best for the future . . . Russell Grant

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Best of luck - fingers fimly crossed for you.
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Good luck!!
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The very best of luck. (You seem to have done a load of work, which is 'making your own luck'). Excellent project. Dawg

Good Luck - Carl
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All the best. Good job.
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