It's Chertsey's big day;time for the community to come together.
The Black Cherry Fair has been part of local life for over 550 years.
It is one of Chertsey Rotary's main fundraisers of the year.

Jon & Lara had an early wander around the fair and bring you a flavour of the day.

The British Nutritian Foundation, as part of their annual healthy eating week, conducted research into young people's knowlege of food. It was a shock to discover some kids today think fish fingers are made out of chicken. Even more shocking was the fact that some even think Fruit Pastels count towards our five a day!

Why have we found ourselves in the situation where children dont understand the origin of their food and what can we do about it? Jon spoke to Dr Lucy Chambers from the BNF

Ursula James

Professor Ursula James is a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Mandy Morrow recently talked to Ursula on Brunchtime Breakfast about Clinical Hypnosis, Anxiety and her new book The Soul Midwife.

Mark D Pritchard suffered a brain haemorrhage back in 2009. He tells Jon Andrews about his journey and the recovery process, and how his wife Sarah was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Mark talks about how his and his wife’s ill health has made them re assess their lives and live each day to the full.

Mark’s book is called I’m Never ill (A journey through Brain Surgery and Beyond


June 1 to 7 was Volunteers' week at the ASPH Trust and In the midst of Volunteer's Week Jon Andrews spoke to Sangeeta Sangadia who is the Volunteer Co-ordinator for the Ashford and St Peters hospital trust.

Sangeeta told him about the team of 400 plus volunteers who help across the two hospitals, and how they are being recognised during this special week.


Robin Whitbread had a very special guest on Behind the Voice recently:

Ashford & St. Peter's hospitals' Chief Nurse, Heather Caudle.

Listen to Heather's fascinatting story from growing up in Trinidad to becoming Chief Nurse.


Come and meet the Chertsey Music Community.

Alan Dolby recently invited them in to our studio for a chat to find out exactly what they do.