• Week 10 -Born to Run

    Oh goody this weeks song to learn is Bruce Springsteen -born to run, an iconic track from The Boss and what is more only three chords to learn E, Asus2, Bsus4 at an impossible beat of 146 again at 4/4 (is there a theme going on here?)

    The musical score even shows which finger to use for each string. 1 represents the index finger, 2 the longest finger, 3 the next, 4 is the ring finger and 5 is the little pinkie. Don't ask me what the "sus" means, I didnt have time this week to look it up on the Internet.

    Considering there are only three chords to think about and the sequence is always E Asus2, Bsus4 for the intro, verse1, interlude, verse2, interlude, sax chorus and the final part with an ending with E it should be an easy one for a numpty to play . Needless to say , playing the guitar still hasn't clicked in yet for me. It was fun to watch and hear all the others at the Rock Project strut their stuff

    I expect I was Born to Run but not necessarily the right way – Alan Dolby



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I expect I will be playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order - Thanks to Eric Morecome for that little gem!