• Week 6 - is it that time already ?

    6 weeks have flown by and I am only a little further on than when I started but still incentivised to crack smoke on the water.

    I have been grabbing the odd few minutes in the morning or before going to bed still trying to get the hang of it . I have tried two fingers a few times now and actually made a couple of recordings which I will share. Not good but brilliant for a numpty !

    Another useful source I found this week was guitarbackingtrack.com and would you believe, it has backing tracks and voice included ready for you to slot in your own lead guitar.

    This will help to get the tempo (speed) right and you can then run wild with your imagination and actually think you are part of a band !

    I had to buy a new pair of headphones (red/black of course) as the previous ones had fallen apart. The new pair sound much better using the headphone amp.

    I recorded a couple of one finger rifts using a Sony Dictaphone and after a bit of a faff got them into my MacBook and here they can be found to the right of this blog.

    I have the guitar setup in the living room so there are no excuses on my part to not practice whenever I can.

    The Email I had been waiting for dropped into my inbox on Saturday from Martin at the Rock Project Chertsey. The new term commences next Monday, 24th April 2017. Gulp! The final term of the academic year is 11 weeks in duration (half term is Monday 29th May) and the End of Term Gig is already booked for Sunday 16th July once again at The Swan. More Gulps !!!!

    The first song of the new term is going to be Rockin’ In The Free World - Neil Young. Martin also sent through some weird hieroglyphics for the song to learn. See below :

    I have absolutely no idea what it all means and yet another thing to learn for a musical numpty. It is not getting any easier is it?

    Hopefully this week the blog doesn't have autocorrect spelling mistakes so if you see stumping it is meant to be strumming, keeping is keep and recongonisable is because I can't spell !

    I expect I will be playing all the right rifts but not necessarily in the right order – Alan Dolby



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I expect I will be playing all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order - Thanks to Eric Morecome for that little gem!